Updated: Wednesday, April 12th
BRIEF OVERVIEW: Shadowed South-southwest swell will continue through the weekend as Northwest swell slowly winds down.

WEDNESDAY 10th: Building all day
SWELL/SURF: Mix of older SW swell and new, long period and shadowed S swell building all day. Look for 4-5’ faces in the morning, with a building trend and very occasional sets to a couple feet overhead in the late afternoon/evening.
WIND: Light/variable to light southerly wind in the morning. WSW to W 9-12kts in the afternoon.

THURSDAY 11th: Building further
SWELL/SURF: Long period S swell builds further and mixes with building, long period NW swell. Look for 5-7 occ. 8’ faces off the swell mix.
WIND: Light/variable to light southerly wind in the morning. WSW to W 8-11kts in the afternoon.

FRIDAY 11th: Easing through the day
SWELL/SURF: Strong, but easing, S swell wrap mixes with holding NW swell for 4-6’+ faces and larger sets still up to 8’ through the first half of the day.
WIND: Light/variable to light southerly wind in the morning. W 8-10kts in the afternoon.

SATURDAY 13th: Rebuilding through the PM
SWELL/SURF: Mix of both easing and building SSW swells and fading NW swell in the morning with mostly 4-7’ faces and a few larger sets still running a couple feet+ overhead. New SSW swell will build in the afternoon with larger sets.
WIND: Light/variable to light southerly wind in the morning. W 8-11kts in the afternoon.

SUNDAY 14th: Solid through the day
SWELL/SURF: SSW swell wrap builds further with 5-8’ faces and larger sets to 10’ on occasion.
WIND: Light/variable wind in the morning. WSW to W 9-11kts in the afternoon.

Surf Outlook

Good size SSW swell wrap (185-200) will continue through the weekend, with one swell easing and a new and stronger swell building Saturday afternoon and continuing Sunday. Just to reiterate the info from our last couple forecasts, these swells are partially to heavily shadowed from Montanita, which has a swell window wide open at 215 degrees and above. As such, we can expect roughly 50-60% of the swell energy to wrap in over the weekend for Montanita, with breaks directly exposed to this swell seeing significantly larger surf.

The long period NW swell that we’ve seen over the past couple days will also ease through the end of the weekend. As such, we will see head high to overhead+ waves through the weekend, with sets running several feet overhead and bigger Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday.

Our wind conditions for the weekend will be similar to what we’ve seen for most of the holding period: light/variable or light/variable southerly wind in the early mornings, with a light to moderate seabreeze in the afternoons out of the WSW to W.

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